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The Letter ARRIVED!!!

It just wouldn’t stop snowing and eventually I just couldn’t wait any longer…I needed the post to arrive!

So, as the postman couldn’t get to me, I decided I needed to get to him. With my mum in tow, we headed out into the village to track him down.

Amazingly we managed to find him and he didn’t just have one but TWO letters for me.

One was a flimsy white one which I guessed was my rejection letter from Magdalen. The other was a thick brown one and had a Jesus College print on the envelope.

I was buzzing with excitement; why would Jesus have written to me unless they were offering me a place?

I couldn’t let myself believe it until I opened the letters.

I started with the white one and, as predicted, it contained the contents from the email Magdalen had sent me.

I then, vividly remember running to the corner of my lounge and ripping open the brown one:

Congratulations! It said in the opening line...

Top Tips

  • Not all of the letters/emails necessarily arrive at the same time, so don’t panic if a friend finds out before you do.

  • If you know that the letters/emails have been sent out and haven’t received anything after a couple of days, email the college you applied to.

  • Remember, if Oxford is your dream you can always reapply.

  • If you end up at a different university, the likelihood is that you will love it.

  • If you aren’t offered a place, try not to let it knock your confidence; getting to the interview stage is a huge achievement in itself.

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