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Your Interview Stories 3

Half way through my interview, the interviewer pointed to my small glass of water and asked me to approximate the number of molecules within the glass - relatively straight forward. However, he then asked if there was any way I could be more precise in my measurement. I said, 'well I can certainly think of one way,' and without pausing for breath picked up the glass, downed it and said, 'now there are none!'

A 5 or 6 second pause ensued, followed by subsequent laughter! I then went on to link it back to the equipment I could have used.

This bold move clearly went down well as Jake was offered a place to read Chemistry at Oxford.

When I arrived at Magdalen, all of the music students had 3 interviews on the board (2 at Magdalen and 1 elsewhere) but mine had 4, so I was a bit confused. It got more frantic, as I went to my interview on the second morning to discover my interview times had been muddled up. I was invited back for two more interviews after that, only finding out about one 30 minutes beforehand!

After 6 interviews and an audition, I was offered a place!

Emily has been offered a place to read Music at Magdalen College.

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