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Project Access

You may have seen Project Access popping up on my Insta page and I think it's about time I gave you a bit more info about what they do...

So, who exactly are they?

Project Access are a charity, set-up by university students with the aim of providing mentors for prospective applicants to help them to get into top universities.

Is it free?

Yes, this is an entirely free service, for students, by students.

How does it work?

Project Access offer three services:

  1. A mentor network - university students guide prospective students through the university application process.

  2. Knowledge Base - this is a section of their website devoted to tips, tools and information to help you send off the best application possible.

  3. Emails - their email service will automatically warn you about important deadlines for applications, tests and open days.

Is the content applicable to all applicants?

Most of it is. They currently have mentor networks in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Pakistan and Singapore.

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