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Oxford Rooms

Have you always dreamt of living and breathing English culture? Well here is your chance...Oxford is about as quintessentially English it gets!

Visitors can book a room in the Oxford colleges and experience what it's like behind the walls, with the added bonus that they can enjoy all that Oxford Uni has to offer without the heavy workload.

You can even have breakfast in the grand hall. Eating your fried egg on long oak tables, surrounded by historic art work really is quite magical.

Trace the footsteps of C.S Lewis, Tolkien, Lewis Carol and Margaret Thatcher, to name just a few famous Oxford alumni to pass through the colleges. Wander through the beautiful college grounds and as night falls, enjoy a drink in the college bar.

Then after a busy day of exploring the city, you can cosy up in your college room, which can range from a small single to a suite fit for a king!

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Top Tips

  • The rooms get pretty booked up so book in advance.

  • Alumni can often get discounted rooms when they return to their college.

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