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What to Wear - the Ball edition

What on earth do I wear?

Black Tie Balls

  • It's all in the title...lots of the Oxford Balls are black-tie and admittance is based on this strict dress code.

  • Although you can hire a dinner suit, there are various college events interspersed throughout the term which have a black-tie dress code, from Freshers dinners, to cocktail nights, to special formal halls, subject dinners and Christmas Parties.

  • Your black-tie will no doubt be a staple part of your wardrobe during your time at Oxford.

  • For the black-tie balls, dresses tend to vary, some students choose to wear shorter cocktail dresses whereas others where long dresses.

  • Wear: Dinner Suit/ Cocktail Dress/Long Dress/ Smart Jumpsuit.

White Tie Balls

  • White Tie Balls are the most extravagant of the Oxford Balls.

  • They really are the most amazing experience, within the ticket price is unlimited food and drink, musical acts, fair-ground rides and entertainment stretching from comedy to laser quest tents and even better...they usually go on all night, meaning you'll head back to college as the sun rises!

  • Most people hire their white-tie for an evening, as realistically, it's unlikely you'll be attending white-tie affairs on a weekly basis!

  • There are several shops in Oxford where you can hire your suit.

  • Students tend to wear long dresses to white-tie balls, making them the fairy-tale experience.

  • Wear: White Tie /Long Dresses.

Top Tips

  • Lots of students dress-swap for balls, rather than buying new each time.

  • Charity shops are a must!

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