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Planning Ahead...

If you've made up your mind that you want to apply, it's now all about the planning. Once at Oxford, you're going to need to be super organised, to manage the intense work-load and still fit in your social life. So, now is a good time to start!

Top Tips

  • Buy/Make a planner - fill in what you think you need to be doing at each stage, e.g completing reading lists, writing your personal statement, visiting a museum, practising for the entrance exam.

  • Make lists - write lists of the books you need to be reading and tick them off as you go along (the tick always gives such a sense of satisfaction!).

  • Attend the open days - this year's open days are being held on: Wednesday 28 June, Thursday 29 June and Friday 15 September 2017. They are a great way to find out whether Oxford is for you!

  • Write everything down - whatever talks you attend between now and applying, either at the open days or at school or free lectures, make sure you take a pen and notepad. You won't remember everything but you'll have your notes to refer back to.

  • BELIEVE - There's no doubt about it, Oxford can seem super intimidating but if you've got the grades and think you'd enjoy it, don't let the niggling voice in the back of your head saying you're not clever enough, get in your way!

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