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The Lucky Three

Lots of students are finishing exams at the moment but the big question is, have they left with one of the lucky three?!

Yes, that's right, the day you start Oxford you're told by the older, wiser students that in order to have really succeeded at Uni you need to leave with one of the following:

  1. A First - Oxford is full of high-achievers who want to be the best they can be, so everyone is desperate to get the top mark but Oxford isn't meant to be easy, so firsts are reserved for the top of the top!

  2. A spouse - It's a fact that lots of students meet their future husband or wife at Oxford, so you could end up leaving with the love of your life 💖

  3. A blue - The highest achievement in the world of University sport is reserved for those who are top of their game!

Top Tip

  • Many students leave with none of the lucky three but then leaving with an Oxford degree and an experience that will stay with you forever is surely enough...!

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