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Social Life

Since the Oxford Uni Open Days, so many of you have messaged with the all important question that you didn't feel you could ask the tutors...'what about the social life?'

This was my big fear before I started Oxford. I envisaged my friends partying away at other unis, whilst I would be glued to my desk.

When I arrived, there was certainly a lot of work but on top of that the socials were never ending...

My first term at Oxford was probably the most sociable time of my life. Freshers week offered everything from club nights, to rowing taster sessions, formal dinners, drinks parties, bops, parenting dinners, nights out, pub trips, movie nights and, once that was over, it only got better. Further into the term I went to my first Oxford ball which was more like a mini-festival, I attended black-tie subject events, crew dates, meals in hall, clubs and societies and even a few secret societies!

The social life is different to other unis in that the events on offer range from a standard club night to ridiculously lavish white-tie balls but that's what makes Oxford unique.

Top Tips

  • There are so many socials on offer, most students can't fit them all in, you could literally be socialising 24/7 if there wasn't a degree to fit in.

  • The list of clubs and societies on offer is endless, there really is something for everyone.

  • The Oxford system works in two ways; college level and University level. You'll have socials with your college but also have access to University-wide socials.


  • Bops - college fancy dress parties.

  • Parenting dinner - freshers are given college parents to look out for them and siblings too. The parents usually host a meal for their new children in Freshers' Week.

  • Secret societies - societies which can only be accessed through invitation and what goes on is strictly secret!

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