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Post-grad Life at Christ Church

Today I'm asking James, a masters student, about post-grad life at Christ Church:

Christ Church is a historic and social college, with a vast amount of resources and support. There are perhaps colleges with better physical common rooms (Merton’s MCR is to die for), however, the mix that Christ Church offers between a valued graduate community and active social scene is pretty special.

Grads run frequent exchange dinners and formal dinners in hall which are excellent, as are the college’s wine cellars. Accommodation-wise, the college also offers graduate accommodation which is pretty good and makes life a lot simpler when moving to Oxford, compared to other colleges.

Cost wise accommodation and food are reasonable, and eating in hall every day greases the wheels of sociability, facilitating socialising as you see fellow graduates every day and dine together.

The college has a decent amount of green space for the summer, isn’t too stuffy and puts on pretty sweet balls!

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