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That Oxford Girl Work Experience Placement Part 1

An insight into the week, from my work experience student, Rose:

What a busy week! I’ve done so many varied and interesting things this week, from visiting museums and writing blog posts to doing research on both the city and the University, even getting to visit colleges for lunch and tours!


On Monday morning, I arrived at Jesus College, where I would be based for the week, after getting the train from my home town (I even had to change at a station I’ve never been to before!) Everyone at the college was so welcoming, and I got to meet Tilly for the first time!

After going through what I was going to be doing for the week, I began writing articles for the blog. The work for this week had been split into three sections: research in the city, research online, and writing blog posts, so I knew it was going to be a really varied week! The writing for the week included writing about my own personal application experiences, as well as talking about some of the research I had done in the city and University.

The first thing I wrote about was the application process for Oxford, talking about what I put in my personal statement for Classical Archaeology & Ancient History (CAAH) and how I wrote it. I also wrote about everything surrounding my interviews, that is, what it was like to stay in Christ Church and Oxford for a few days.

After lunch, I did my first research task in the city: I went around four shops in Oxford that sell sub-fusc, to find out their prices and anything else they recommend Freshers buy. I was a bit apprehensive about this – about talking to new people in the shops – but all the staff I spoke to were lovely, and I came back having really enjoyed it!

I finished the day by writing about the sub-fusc, and then I went to dinner at Jesus College, where I was staying for the week.


I spent the first part of the morning writing about each of my four interviews in detail – it was interesting to me to see what I remembered from each of them!

The second part of the morning was spent on an online research task. I spent time researching state schools to share the TOG resource with, in order to help their pupils through the applications process.

After having lunch at Jesus College, we went to Lady Margaret Hall to interview their Access Officer, Marrium, about LMH and what Freshers can expect from it when they first get here. Marrium was a genuinely lovely person; it was so great to meet her and find out more about her experience of LMH. After talking with her, we went for a short walk around LMH’s gardens. LMH is another beautiful college!

On the way back from LMH, I went to the Ashmolean, as part of a research project about free things to do in Oxford. I was really happy about visiting a museum I love! I got to see exhibits that I haven’t really seen before and some I haven’t looked at in much depth, as well as some old favourites. When I returned, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a write up on the Ashmolean.

More to come tomorrow...

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