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Haunted Oxford

Happy Halloween guys!

I hope those of you celebrating tonight have a fab time getting dressed up. I asked you for costume ideas at the weekend and I'd like to thank Katy for the brilliant face paint idea which I attempted to copy on Saturday night, here's the look I went for:

Oxford itself is supposedly full of ghostly visitors, so what better place to spend Halloween!

BBC Oxford have a few tales to tell about 'Haunted Oxford':

👻Colonel Francis Winderbank is the resident scary monster of Merton College. He apparently walks around the library on his knees!

👻 St John's College library is supposedly haunted by the Archbishop William Laudwho who was beheaded in 1645 - he still walks around headless to this day.

👻Obadiah Walker, an English academic and master at University college, is still said to be wandering around Univ's front quad.

👻 Rosamund the Fair is deemed one of the most tragic tales of the Oxford ghosts - the story goes:

🎃King Henry II was deeply in love with Rosamund who lived in Godstow Nunnery, which lies on the opposite bank of Trout Island.

🎃It is said that the King kept her in a secret garden that was protected by a labyrinth and guarded by one of his knights. The knight held the end of a silver thread which lead to Rosamund. The Queen was very jealous and killed the knight, stole the thread and, when she caught up with Rosamund, killed her by making her drink from a poisoned chalice.

🎃Now Rosamund is said to haunt the Trout pub. She is often seen as a shadowy figure sneaking around in the awnings.

This all sounds pretty terrifying but, do not fear, I'm yet to meet an Oxford ghost!

Credit to BBC Oxford for these haunting tales 🎃👻🎃

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