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You think you know Oxford...


You’ve made it into Oxford!

You’ve found your department!

You’ve settled into your college, and you’ve finally learnt your way around the city- a true tour guide in the making.

But how much of Oxford do you really know?

Sure, you may have heard that Magdalen has a deer park, but have you actually walked around it?

You’ve heard that Christ Church boasts the Harry Potter hall, but have you had a formal dinner in there?

The colleges make up such an important aspect of Oxford life, yet it’s so easy to drift through your degree without ever stepping foot in another college.

You’d be surprised at just how much variation there is between the colleges, and above all, you’ll gain a new perspective of the university you thought you’d known so well.

How about a day of tennis, or punting at LMH; a stroll down to the lake at Worcester, or even a college bar crawl to decide who has the best cocktail!

Of course, some of these activities require an invite, like the renowned Wadham bop, so my best advice is for you to make the first move: invite a group from your subject, or society, to your own college, maybe for a formal or for a bop, and the favour is sure to be returned!

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