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Nights Out in Oxford

Coming to Oxford I always had the feeling that the nights out weren’t going to be as good as at home. Maybe I was buying into the Oxford stereotype, but I imagined that people would be too busy with work to go out and enjoy themselves. This certainly isn’t the case.

While I still prefer the nights out closer to home, there are plenty of nights out in Oxford I regularly make an effort to attend. Top of the list has to be Bridge Thursdays which rarely ever disappoint. The best part about Bridge is that everyone is there, being one of the most popular nights out it’s easy to get a group from your college together and you’ll always see someone else you know.

The only downside is the queue, which, if you don’t arrive at the right time, can seem to last forever. This leaves plenty of time for chat though and time flies when you’re making friends with strangers. The lower, and larger floor of Bridge is where you’ll hear all the classics, expect plenty of 90s and 00s bangers here. Upstairs is where you have the more usual club music though both floors are fun and always a laugh with a group of friends.

If you’re looking for something to eat after a heavy night, then my number one recommendation has to be Hassan’s van. Hassan’s is an Oxford favourite and came second in the kebab van awards this year, it’s definitely an integral part of Oxford undergrad life. There are plenty of options here, but the queue can be testing, again, chatting to fellow revellers is always the best way to pass the time.

A highlight of the evening for me is sitting in the JCR with a box of chips and curry sauce, dissecting the drama and goings on of the night...

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