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Personal Statement Hand-in

Deadline: 6pm (UK time) on 15th October 2018

Tomorrow is the deadline! All that hard work sent off to can feel very strange; one document to try to 'sell yourself' to the admissions tutors but try to remember that Oxford look at the whole process and take all of the following into consideration when inviting you to interview:

* Grades

* Predicted Grades

* Personal Statement

* Reference

* Work Submission

* Entrance Exam

Your personal statement is important though, as it's your first opportunity to show a bit of YOU!

There are 25 posts on the blog with top tips for personal statements, so give them a glance over before hitting send:

At this stage, my biggest bit of advice is to READ IT THROUGH and once you've done that, READ IT THROUGH AGAIN and once you've done that READ IT THROUGH AGAIN. When you've looked at something so many times, you know exactly what you are trying to say but that isn't always the same as what's down on the page. I find reading it out loud is a great way to check this, as you can so easily swap words/add things in in your head!

Good lucks guys!

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