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I am so proud of you!

It has honestly meant the world to me receiving all of the messages from you guys, since hearing back from Oxford Uni today.

Seeing how much 'That Oxford Girl' has helped you, whether that be inspiring you in the first place, motivating you through the process or giving you practical advice and helping to navigate the Oxford system, it's incredible that it has made a difference.

And you know what? I am SO proud of each and every one of you. For me, the fact you applied in the first place is all that matters - you took the leap to apply to the top university in the world - you can do anything!

I know for some of you, hearing you haven't been offered a place, will feel like the worst thing ever but I promise you, this journey will have taught you so much, it's going to stand you in great stead wherever you end up. If Oxford really is your dream, I do know people who have re-applied and got in second time around, so that may be an option for some of you but everyone I know you ended up elsewhere also had a fantastic experience. Every university offers you the chance to delve into your subject, move away from home, make new friends and try out new clubs and societies, so try not to see Oxford as the only option. Most importantly, give yourself a huge pat of the back, YOU, yes YOU were invited to interview; that is something no one can ever take away from you - what an amazing achievement.

If you did get in today then a huge CONGRATULATIONS, you really should be so very proud of yourself. You have clearly worked your socks off! Let me guess? You opened the email and stared at it in disbelief and then you told your mum, your dad, your sister, your brother, your best friend, your auntie, your uncle, your cousins, your friends, your teachers, your dog, your cat and now you're running out of people to tell. Well, TELL ME!!! If you haven't yet been in touch, please do! I feel so invested in this journey with you and would love to share your excitement!

Whatever happened today, you all have something special which got you to interview in the first place, so don't forget that!

Thinking of you all of this day of days!

Tilly x

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