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Hilary '19 Student Ambassador Meeting

The TOG team is now bigger than ever before and, it's thanks to all my amazing student ambassadors that you guys have such a huge variety of perspectives on life at Oxford!

With over 70 current students writing for the blog on everything from the application process, to academic life, socials, traditions, colleges, courses and so much more, this is becoming a hub for everything to do with Oxford Uni!

On Tuesday we had our termly TOG student

ambassador meeting, this time at a new venue - BRICK Modern Art Oxford, a lovely coffee shop, tucked away on Pembroke Street in the Modern Art Oxford gallery. We enjoyed a truly tasty selection of teas, coffees and cakes and discussed blog post ideas and ways to keep opening the doors to Oxford Uni. The cake was so tasty - orange & polenta, peanut butter brownies and cinnamon & banana bread...the dream! Loads of the ambassadors had never been there before but commented on how it would be a great spot to study!

I've now developed a scheme in the city, where the ambassadors are rewarded by brands in the city for their voluntarily work, with goodies and giveaways! There were a fab selection of beauty products, books, notepads and chocolates to choose from, as well as some super exciting opportunities. Big thank you to Branca, my favourite restaurant in Jericho and Itsu for offering some of the ambassadors complimentary meals!

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new posts coming from the team soon!


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