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Conscious Ball

Last year I went to my first ever ball in Oxford! The ball I went to was Conscious Ball, which is a joint Oxford-Cambridge ball raising money for mental health charities, organised by students from Cambridge. The ball was actually not held in Oxford, but at a central location in North London between Oxford and Cambridge, at a stadium.

My friends and I had such a great time! When we arrived there were street-food style vans parked outside, serving pizza and churros. Inside, there were gourmet marshmallows, with loads of different flavours, some kind of strange, like rose or lavender (it was strange, but it worked).

Because it was winter, there were loads of blankets dotted around which we could borrow and wrap around ourselves for when we were outside. This came in especially handy as there were balconies overlooking the stadium, and we did a lot of posing for photos there!

As the night went on, lots of different music bands played, including a really brilliant jazz / funk band. There were also lots of free drinks, from cocktails to VKs to shots, and so we spent the rest of the night dancing away with the live music!

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