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Bardia’s Oxford

By Charlotte Askew

Bardia’s is set to become the new ’it’ spot and now is the time to visit!

Centrally placed on Woodstock road, Bardia’s is an unmissable eatery that captures every essence of elegance. It makes a great place to have a classic brunch and chat with friends as well as the chance to try out a large selection of cocktails, which are sure not to disappoint!

Adding to the large array of brunch spots in the centre of Oxford and Jericho, this one sets itself apart with its bohemian-inspired foliage which follows you through the main entrance and surrounds you as you sit and eat. This indoor-outdoor experience is something quite unique to Oxford and makes this brunch stop all the more of a hidden gem in amongst all the other places to eat.

The table service was very welcoming and smiley which is much appreciated. Shout out to the man with the tattoos who gladly swapped one of the lattés after I accidently drank my vegan friend’s soya alternative! On that note though, the lattes were on the more unusual side, but nonetheless tasty. I had my first ever saffron latté, which made a strong competitor to the usual Pret! The latté contained gold sprinkles and tasted exquisite, despite the drink mishap, I actually finished both the soya and regular one as it was that good! (Maybe the drink mishap wasn’t too bad after all haha)

There is definitely something to please everyone in this brunch spot, they accommodate to all types of diets and have a mixture of sweet and savoury options available. What I loved most about my experience eating there was the dotted pieces of playful swings and suspending seats which you could sit on and take pictures in while you wait for your food and drinks to arrive. Both my friend and I who went said that we would highly recommend it to any of our friends and that we were soon due our next visit.


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