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Gala Night Performance of School of Rock at New Theatre, Oxford!

By Charlotte Askew

When going to see an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical you can relax in the certainty that the production is going to be spectacular - School of Rock UK definitely lived up to these expectations! This global hit has now made its way to the UK and firmly made a name for itself in Oxford after last night’s performance at New Theatre.

That Oxford Girl was kind enough to invite my friend and I to the Gala Night Performance for drinks and goodies which were duly appreciated! The venue was decked out with School of Rock memorabilia and the staff were so accommodating - we felt like VIPs for the night!

The Musical follows the story of a wannabe rock star Dewey Finn (played by Jake Sharp) who lands a job as a substitute teacher for the prestigious Horace Green public school. Chaos unfolds as Dewey is far from the typical teacher the school pupils are used to! Instead of following the school curriculum, Dewey (who has recently been kicked out of his part-time rock band) turns to his pupils to form a band to compete against his former bandmates at a rock competition! The plot develops as the children learn to embrace their creativity which was evidently a skill that had been previously underappreciated at Horace Green!

Most impressive was the talent these actors had; they were dancing, singing, and playing instruments throughout the live production - the children especially had talent beyond their years! My friend and I found the play hilarious and especially liked the elaborate set-up which added to the atmosphere.

This was definitely an unforgettable experience and something that I highly recommend to anyone who would love to awaken their inner child and have a great night out at the theatres.

The production runs from 13th December 2021 - 1 January 2022, 100% check it out:


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