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Getting ahead for exams over the half term break

By Rebecca Wright

Exams are now fast approaching, and it is time to be focusing on revision, so that you are fully prepared for your exams in the summer. They do have a habit of sneaking up far quicker than any of us expect! This half term break really is a great time for revision. It can help you reflect upon and begin to retain all the information you have covered, thus gaining better understanding of the marking criteria and how to complete those all important practice papers. If revision is productive it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety. So remember use this week wisely, and you will be well prepared for your exams! Here are my top tips for an effective revision schedule. 1) Half term is the perfect time to organise all of your work. All of those loose sheets and handouts can filed or stuck into your books. It is best to start revision once all of your work is organised, so you do not miss out on any key sections.

2) Half term is only one week, so use this time wisely. Revision timetables are a great way to start, as it allows you to plan your time carefully. Work out how many subjects you have, and how many days, and work out your timetable accordingly. If you know you can't revise at certain times/ days, make your timetable accordingly. There is nothing worse than not being able to cover everything on that day, and missing a subject, or getting behind, so be realistic.

3) Revision should be an active process, not just reading out of your book. There are so many different techniques that can be used, so try different styles to work out what is best for you. Whether this is working with music on, drawing mind maps, or making flashcards, there is a revision method for everyone.

4) Make sure you take breaks and get enough sleep. Whilst revision is important, so is your wellbeing. By getting enough rest, you are able to recharge over the holiday, and return to school ready to learn. Exhausting yourself by revising all day and until late at night will simply lead to you burning out. 5) By testing yourself on the topics you have revised, you can get a grasp of how well you have understood the topic. Whether you ask someone else to test you, write an essay plan, or recite the content to your dog - you will be going back over the content. Any areas you realise you do not understand, you can make a note of to ask your teacher when you return to school.

6) Completing past papers are vital for revision. Not only does this aid your understanding, but it also allows you to become familiar with the question style of your exam boards. Teachers are usually very happy to look over practice questions and essay plans with you, so ask them about any questions that you find particularly challenging.

7) Remember that you can do it and try to remain positive. Have confidence in yourself and remember when it is all over you can celebrate and enjoy the rest of the summer. Good luck!

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