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Happy (College) Mother's Day!

By Tilly Rose

To all you mums out there, as if we are reliving Mother's Day in lockdown! Not the dream but I really hope, even if it's just a walk or Zoom, you can have some contact with your loved ones today.

Now seemed like a great time to explain to you about the Oxford College Family Tradition!

In the summer before you start Oxford, you'll receive an email/letter from your college parents. This will usually be two second-year students who chose to get 'college married' in their Freshers' Week. This is just a bit of fun and basically means you agree to adopt some college children the following year. It's a buddy system, so you have two students looking out for you from day one.

You can ask them questions in the run-up to Freshers' and then you'll meet them during your first week. Usually your college parents will host a 'parenting dinner' to get to know you and you'll also have some college siblings in your year group to bond with too.

So, on Mother's Day, let's celebrate all those lovely college mums who have made their Fresher children feel at home from day one!

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