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How to Apply for a Masters - Part 3

By Sarina Chandaria


· If you get rejected, just know that it is not a reflection on you as a person or of your academic skill, but likely due to a number of different factors. Try to process it and then move on to the next, as it just wasn’t meant to be! If you get rejected whilst you are still writing applications to other places, evaluate your old statement and see what you can improve upon.

· If you get accepted, record it in your spreadsheet (after the mandatory happy-dance of course) along with any deadlines for deposit payments or officially accepting the offer and any academic requirements.

· Once you have received all your decisions, or the majority of your decisions, it’s time to more seriously consider things like funding, specific pros and cons between different institutions and other things like whether you’d enjoy living in the city or area the university is in. For example, for me the opportunity to learn a new language and work on some professional skills in addition to academic work was very important to me when choosing a course.

Best of luck with your applications and I hope this guide helps make the process seem a bit less confusing!

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