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National Writing Day 2021

By Tilly Rose

National Writing Day is an annual celebration of the power of writing creatively, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to try writing for fun and self-expression!

This year more than ever, many of us have been searching for new ways to express ourselves, in a time when social interaction has been limited!

I LOVE to write and want to share some of the ways writing has helped me, when applying to uni, studying at Oxford and post-graduation:

  1. Applying to uni - write notes! When reading around your subject, there is no way you can possibly remember everything, so be sure to keep a little notepad on hand to jot down key quotes, ideas, pages to return to and your thoughts.

  2. The act of writing is a great memory tool - I find that if I write something out by hand, even if I throw it away afterwards, I can visualise where I wrote it on the page. This proved really useful for exams and interviews!

  3. Tutorials - tutes at Oxford are intense and highly pressured but you are literally liaising with world experts. I wrote short, key words down during tutes, then afterwards would go back to my room straight after and these would jog my memory and I could write down in full everything I had learnt. These notes were so useful during revision.

  4. Writing is a great way to de-stress - keeping a journal, jotting down your emotions can be a really good way to get things off your chest!

  5. Lists - I LOVE a good list. My planners are covered in them. I write ‘To-do’ lists for every day and it’s a brilliant sense of satisfaction when you tick them off.

  6. Bullet Journaling - I’ve recently been doing some work with Canon UK on bullet journaling. I’d never tried it before but if you are looking for a mindful activity, making some pretty journal pages can be a lovely way to unwind!

  7. Creative Writing - I’m currently writing my first novel and although it is intense, escaping to another fictional world is a truly enriching experience!

  8. Write for ‘That Oxford Girl’ - you don’t have to see yourself as a ‘writer’ but it can be so rewarding to share your experiences of applying to and studying at Oxford Uni and to support the next generation of applicants!

  9. Get WRITING!


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