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Oxford Castle Spooky Tour!

The Oxford Castle & Prison is entrenched in 1,000 years of history. Visitors to Oxford, can climb the tower, offering 360 views of the city, descend underground to the 900-year-old crypt, explore the prison wing and discover the mound. Plus it's a great chance to learn about the history of this fascinating site!

TOG ambassadors, Kaitlyn Veloria & Leeya Patel attended the Spooky Tour at the Oxford Castle this weekend:

Oxford Castle & Prison holds “Ghost Fest” every year before Halloween.

Their signature attraction is their spooky ghost tour of the Prison and Grounds. Without giving all the scares away, prepare to scream at every turn!

However, as someone desperately scared of Haunted Houses, Horror Movies, and all things thriller, I found it more fun than wildly scary. It was also a great way to learn a bit of history about Oxford and to see a fun attraction right in the centre of the city.

Overall, it certainly added some excitement to the routine of Oxford nights and definitely got our adrenaline pumping!

Check out the Oxford Castle here:


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