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Q&A with an Oxford Interviewee

By Aaliyah B.

"How did you feel before the Interviews?"

TERRIFIED!!! My heart was beating so fast and I was refreshing my email like mad and double, triple, quadruple checking that I had the correct equipment.

"How did you prepare?"

I re-read my personal statement and written work, refreshed my memory about the books I read, talked about my subject and my p.s with my family, friends and teachers, so I got used to talking slowly and clearly.

"How did you find doing the interviews online?"

I didn’t expect to enjoy it but I did! There were 3 interviewers in the same room and they passed the laptop between them. I panicked as they were a few minutes late (I thought there was technical issues on my end haha). I accidentally muted myself and my alarm (that was telling me to remember to join) went off at the start of the interview but they didn’t mind at all.

Did they send through unseen material beforehand?

Yes, about a page, pretty much exactly half an hour before.

Can you tell us any questions you were asked and how you went about answering them?

It was split into 3 parts. First was written work, the second was on the material they had sent beforehand, and then the final part was my personal statement. The written work questions were mainly about how well I knew my work, and if I could further elaborate on the points I had made. The questions on the source they sent me before the interview were about what I could learn from the material. The personal statement section was a lot about why I wrote the things I wrote, and why I love my subject.

How many interviews did you have?

I only had the one interview.


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