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Rhodes Must Fall

Today a powerful protest was held outside Oriel College, with hundreds of campaigners calling for the removal of the statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, a central figure in Britain's colonial project in southern Africa.

An online petition with more than 100,000 signatures has urged Oriel College to remove the statue. You can sign the petition here: Rhodes Must Fall

"We, the undersigned, are once again calling for the removal of the Cecil Rhodes statue which overlooks the Oxford High Street. On a day in which many senior government figures are criticising the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol, this petition seeks to enact change through the 'correct channels' which they are so fond of. So we are reigniting the calls for the statue to be removed, as soon as possible. As long as the statue stands the University is only alienating those of whom Rhodes' beliefs have persecuted and oppressed to this very day."

Here at TOG we would welcome any contributions to add momentum to Black Lives Matter so please do GET IN TOUCH!

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