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Staying Fit & Healthy

By Jennifer Hwang

If you’re anything like me and enjoy going to the gym as well as eating healthily, you may be wondering if you can still maintain this during term time. You may have heard horror stories about workload and also heard of Fresher’s 15- where you supposedly gain 15 pounds during Freshers' week. Yet, I managed to still keep a healthy lifestyle during first year.

I still went to the gym 6 to 7 times a week and I will continue to do so during second year. I am living proof that this is possible if you wish to do so. I am not part of any uni sport however so bear this in mind. Although I know plenty of friends who juggle college and uni sports and this is an excellent way of keeping fit as well as socialising. I recommend pure gym or buzz gym if your college does not have a gym. They offer student discounts! Alternatively there is also Iffley which Christ Church college gives you free membership for but your college may not.

Walking and cycling! Oxford is a lovely place to cycle in and most places are also very walkable- you definitely get your daily steps in!

Healthy eating is somewhat possible. Hall food varies by college. My college food is not very healthy but I only eat in hall for dinner. There are plenty of affordable options such as getting fruit and vegetables from Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Gloucester Green market. Taylor’s also do a really nice custom salad bowl (the one outside the Covered Market opposite Jericho coffee). There is also Itsu and Leon which both offer healthy food and student discount. The Organic Deli also gives you a discount if you’re a member of the Union and they have really healthy options and snacks. You can definitely stick to a healthy diet most of the time.

Alcohol can be one of the big lifestyle changes when going to uni, with the option of club nights every night of the week. It's all about everything in moderation and the great thing about Oxford, is the range of activities on offer. If nights out and drinking aren't for you, there are so many alternative socials.

You can also avoid all-nighters in the library on the whole if you’re organised and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. There is no need to walk around sleep deprived.

I hope these tips help keep you healthy- which is super important for a healthy mind as well as body!


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