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Summer in Oxford

It’s no secret that Oxford is a beautiful place at any time of the year, but as trinity term comes around with bright spring & summer it's hard to ignore the glorious sites around you.

Closer to Home

Coming from Hertford College (The one with the famous bridge!) the start of spring and summer is always signified with the magnolia tree blooming outside college and gives a gorgeous view of the Rad Cam from between the floral branches.

Port Meadow

A lovely place for a spring/summer walk or just to have a picnic with a book is Port Meadow. Just off the road from Jericho, it's surprising that such a vast and beautiful space can be found when you’ve just been in the hustle & bustle of the city. Last spring and summer I had many a wander up to Port Meadow to watch the sunset or spend summer evenings chatting with friends.


Despite being such a busy city, there are so many lovely parks to take a break from the noise & enjoy a quiet break in nature. Christ Church meadows & university parks really are beautiful in the summer. You might even catch some of the summer eights rowing races whilst walking along the river in Christ church meadows or a bedraggled, paint-covered student who’s just completed their exams and been trashed.


Summer term doesn’t always have to be about being outside in the sun (let’s face it; British weather doesn’t give us half a chance); Oxford has some absolutely amazing museums on offer that you can easily pass an hour or two exploring


Of course, who could forget punting? At Hertford are really lucky that the JCR rents some punts for Trinity term which we can use free of charge by booking with the porters. It's such a lovely activity for relaxing with friends; having a picnic (you may have to fend off the ducks) or taking family & friends on a tour at the end of term. Fair warning though: it's harder than it looks! It's not uncommon to see people having fallen in whilst trying to punt but it's all good fun & definitely worth a go!


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