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Sunny Oxford

By Mira Khan

It’s what we’ve all been dreaming of…outdoor fun in the sun! And finally it seems summer has arrived!

If you’re heading to Oxford in the sunshine, here are some recommendations from an Oxford student for a heatwave in the Dreaming Spires:

☀️ Start with a wander around Radcliffe Square - it looks unreal in the sun!

☀️ Look up and you will see St Mary’s Tower soaring through the sky. It might seem like a huge effort to reach the top in the sun but the inside is actually so cold with all those stone walls. So I challenge you to climb all those steps and take in the panoramic views of the city against those blue skies!

☀️Time for a drink I think - at the bottom of St Mary’s grab yourself an iced coffee from the quintessentially British Vault’s & Garden Cafe.

☀️Next wander down the High Street to the entrance to Christ Church Meadow for a stroll by the river.

☀️ It must be time for a spot of lunch by now and the Westgate rooftop is ideal for outdoor dining. I’m a big fan of Victors, Pho & The Alchemist on a hot day (yummy juices & cocktails!).

☀️If you’re in need of a sun break, pop into the Ashmolean Museum for a cooling browse of their fascinating exhibitions.

☀️You’re now near Jericho which is perfectly positioned next to Port Meadow, ideal for a late afternoon dip in the river. They have lovely wooden jetties to sunbathe and jump off!

☀️ Final stop - Branca for dinner. Their lovely courtyard and delicious Mediterranean menu make this a dreamy end to a dreamy day!


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