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The Easter Bunny

By Tilly Rose

In my final year at Oxford, two of my best friends, Adam and Alwyn lived in a little house next door to my flatmate, Charlotte, and me. We used to hang out all the time; go round for dinner, watch tv, spend evening endlesslys chatting and chilling at theirs - they somehow wangled an entire little college house to themselves and we 100% made the most of it.

But there was a secret at the heart of our friendship. 

During the Easter vac, when we bored out of our minds revising for finals, we headed over to theirs for a mid afternoon coffee. 

Adam and Alwyn looked shifty. They kept looking at each other and laughing. Charlotte and I wanted in on the joke.

'What, tell us guys,' we demanded.

'We have a little surprise...'

We looked at them, intrigued.

They remained silent.

'Just wait,' Alwyn said.

We sat in silence for a minute. Nothing happened.

Then, from nowhere a slight rustle could be heard and then from under the sofa emerged ASLAN.

The fluffiest little bunny you ever did see; Aslan had a golden goat and a mane of messy fur - their very own lionhead rabbit.

It turned out Aslan had lived with our pals for two terms, unbeknown to college or to US.

With finals on the horizon, they had at last decided it was only fair that we now got to enjoy the wonders of their little bunny.

We were finally allowed in on the secret, under strict instruction to tell no one for he would have inevitably be confiscated and they had come to truly love their third flatmate, who now seemed to command their little cottage. 

Aslan was our real life Easter bunny and proved to be the perfect companion during exam season.


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