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Top Tips for Everyone Applying to Oxford University

By Yaz Kapur

  • Prep early – there’s a reason public school kids still get offered so many places, their schools are training them for this way before lots of state school kids are encouraged to think about it.

  • What does the prep look like? Reading outside the classroom. Find things you like at school, then delve into them after school. Follow the areas you are passionate about, then it won’t feel like such hard work.

  • Go for quality over quantity – Really read whatever you are reading. It’s better to have a thorough understanding of a few topics than surface level of loads.

  • Tell your teachers you want to apply and ask if there is anything they can do to help.

  • Familiarise yourself with what the entrance exams look like by reading past papers online.

  • Talk about your subject – Literally just get used to vocalising whatever you think about what you’ve read. Tell your family over dinner or your friend over lunch. They don’t have to know about your subject but, as Tilly has often said, it’s really useful if they can ask WHY? You think that. ‘WHY?’ really is the only word they need in their vocabulary. This will get you thinking, justifying and explaining your thoughts.

BELIEVE – Fear holds so many people back from applying. It’s one space on your UCAS, take the leap and who knows what could happen? Oxford is an experience you will have for life and one which will, no doubt, change your life. Go for it!


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