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Trinity with Twist

By Tilly Rose

Over the last year, you've been forced say goodbye to breath-taking libraries, stunning quads, formal dinners, stimulating lectures, challenging tutorials, tea breaks with friends, buzzing Bops and messy crew dates. Instead, you've embarked on a new academic and social life solely centred around your laptop screen...not quite what you imagined when arriving in the 'Dreaming Spires.'

At last, the time has come to WELCOME you back to Oxford and here @thatoxfordgirl we're delighted to be collaborating with Thames Valley Police to make that transition as smooth as possible.

"But I've heard it all before...," I hear you say and, trust me, I get it; 'self-isolation', 'social distancing' and 'lockdown' have now become part of our everyday vocabulary and it's easy for it all to wash over us and this is a big BUT, if you want to make the most out of your summer in Oxford (aka the best term!) then it's important you are totally up-to-date on the current guidelines.

Thames Valley Police urge you to keep yourself updated with the local restrictions by checking here.

And whilst I can't take away that Trinity Term is going to be a little different, the positive is that the guidelines have now been updated with activities that, just a few months ago, seemed like a distant dream; shops, outdoor fun, sports facilities and those all important pub gardens are now open, ready for you to enjoy!

Whether your picnicking on a punt, chilling in Port Meadow or enjoying a pint at the KA, it's essential you keep 'Hands, Face, Space' in your mind and, of course, not forgetting the benefits of fresh air. However much you want to leap in and hug all those friends you've missed seeing, hold-off just a bit longer, for social distancing is key to progress and, let's face it, a 'third wave' is the last thing any of us want.

You are, no doubt, also excited to embrace Oxford's nightlife again. In light of recent events, I hope it will be a huge comfort to enjoy your nights out, safe in the knowledge, that the police are looking out for you. Thames Valley Police have recently relaunched Project Vigilant, using uniformed and undercover officers to disrupt any predatory behaviour by taking positive action against anyone identified. Remember to take care of your own personal safety by ensuring friends and family know your whereabouts, only using licenced taxis, keeping your mobile on you and checking in with your friends. More on student safety can be found here:

Got all my fingers crossed for you that with these measures in place, you'll be able to enjoy a sunny, safe and sociable Trinity!

Tilly x

#AD in partnership with Thames Valley Police


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