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Way to use your free time to become 'Oxford Ready'

By Tilly Rose

So the last few months have been pretty weird for all of us and for your guys as students they have posed a maasive disruption to your education which I know must feel so unfair.


This could be your chance to turn your dream into a reality.

Have you always wanted to apply to Oxford Uni?

If YES then my advice is DO IT! If this situation has taught us anything, it is to seize the moment because life is way too short.

Then there is also the time thing; loads of you have had summer plans cancelled which really sucks but this could be your opportunity to learn beyond the school curriculum. Oxford Uni are looking for students who are passionate about their subject and, in order to SHOW that passion, you need to prove you have extended your learning beyond the classroom.

This by no means involves spending money, travelling or booking into fancy events. It means engaging with what's around you, making connections and analysing and thinking about your subject.

Ways to use your free time to become 'Oxford' ready:

* Think of a book you have enjoyed at school - read other books my this author

* Make connections between the books you read - compare and contrast them

* Read news articles related to your subject - form opinions on them

* Watch online lectures and webinars - take notes of interesting concepts

* Take note of your surroundings - biologists visit your local pond, history students explore the history of your local area, economics students take note of the ways Covid is affecting your local town.

* Get used to asking WHY - whenever you read or hear about a concept, question it, take nothing as fact

* Look into the Oxford Uni course online and see if any parts jump out to you - do a little reading in relation to those areas

* Listen to podcasts on your daily walks

* TALK about your subject - even if your friends and family know nothing about it, they can ask you WHY you have reached certain conclusions, this will get you used to vocalising your thoughts out loud.

* If you have no one to talk to - talk to yourself, just make sure you say your thoughts aloud!


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