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What do we LOVE about Oxford...

By the TOG Team

Here at TOG, we are spreading the love this week for our favourite city and university – OXFORD of course!

On Monday, we had our very own ‘Galentine’s’ – our TOG student ambassador meet-up at the George Street Social, with 50+ amazing women in attendance!

I presented the team with a selection of large paper hearts and in groups they wrote down what they LOVE most about different aspects of Oxford.

I’m getting all warm and fuzzy reading through the answers:

What do you LOVE most about your college?

❤️‘Mansfield’s food’

❤️‘St Benet’s small, family feel’

❤️‘St John’s MCR Cheese & Wine night’

❤️‘Magdalen’s deer park’

❤️'Worcester’s gardens’

❤️‘Pembroke’s Pimm’s Party’

❤️‘Teddy Hall’s vertical eco-garden’

❤️‘Keble’s bar and buildings’

❤️‘St Anne’s coffee shop’

❤️‘St Catz’s bar’

❤️‘St Cross’s inclusivity’

❤️‘LMH’s gardens’

❤️‘Christ Church’s Master’s Garden’

❤️‘Merton’s chapel’

❤️‘Linacre’s atmosphere’

❤️‘Corpus Christi’s friendliness’

❤️‘Wadham’s liberal and inclusive atmosphere’

❤️‘St Hugh’s bops’

❤️‘Wycliffe Hall’s welcoming community’

What do you LOVE most about the city?

💚‘Parks and green spaces’


💚‘Beautiful buildings’

💚‘Coffee shops’

💚‘It’s beautiful’

💚‘The vibe’

💚‘Trying different food spots’

💚‘The ice rink’

💚‘Late night walks with friends’

💚‘Radcliffe Square’


💚‘Christ Church Meadow’

What do you love most about Oxford Uni?


💙‘Variety of study’

💙‘The people’


💙‘Social Science Library’

💙‘Rich history’

💙‘Extra-curricular activities’

💙‘World-expert tutors’


💙‘The tutors’

💙‘My supportive friends’


💙‘Sunday brunch in hall’

Oh and huge creds to whoever wrote: ‘THAT OXFORD GIRL’ - sending you a whole lot of love❤️


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