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Why study Biology at Oxford?

By Nicola Boys

  • From the end of 1st year, we get to pick our own tutorial questions and tutors. Is there a species you're fascinated by? A paper you wish to discuss? A theory you want to research? Unlike a lot of other subjects, we get to choose our tutorials.

  • In the summer of 2nd year, we get to go away on a residential! Current trips on offer include Borneo, Tenerife and the Copeland Irelands.

  • Trips are not just limited to the end of 2nd year. There are visits to Wytham woods, the Cotswolds Wildlife Park and the Harcourt Arboretum.

  • We have really interesting practical's, including a shark dissection in 1st year.

  • Unlike most subjects, our 1st years get a 4-week induction period, to help settle in to the new routine and learn the study techniques that work best for them. You also get shown all the facilities open to you for future research, such as the Flight Lab and Botanic Gardens.

  • And as a member of Oxford University, you get free access to both the Botanic Garden and the Harcourt Arboretum.

  • You get access to great internships through the Oxford Careers Service, such as a month studying coral reefs in Borneo, as well as Micro-Internships that are moulded around the Oxford terms.

  • We take a really interdisciplinary approach. It's not all essays or all maths, but rather some essays, some fieldwork, some lab work, some coding, some research and some listening out for robins!

For more information, visit Biology | University of Oxford


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