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Year 13 Offer Holders’ Debrief

By Freya Jones

On 12th January, I received an offer to read Modern Languages at Oxford University.

When I got the email from UCAS, which told me to log on and see the outcome of my interviews, my heart was beating audibly. I was looking for some sort of key word, like “congratulations” or “unfortunately”, to let me know at a glance, but the notification just said “The University of Oxford has offered you a place…” After reading it a few times, I ran downstairs to tell my parents.

Once the good news had sunk in, I went on social media and followed every account I could find for Oxford University. I chatted to one girl in the comments of an Instagram post, and found that she has an offer from the same college as me! Using social media was a great move to make, because it’s enabled me to join a college group chat and a WhatsApp chat for modern language students. I’ve talked to some amazing people, and already had a Zoom night with some of the girls.

Of course there’ll be many more Freshers to meet in October, but it’s brilliant to start sharing our excitement and building our confidence now. I came across a document full of the group chats which are linked at the following web address *These are not officially endorsed by That Oxford Girl, please do your own research before making the decision to join* :

Alternatively, you can post your name and picture on the Instagram account @oxfordfreshers2021 to meet the widest range of new people!

Now the only hurdle between us and Oxford is our A Level grades. The continued uncertainty around 2021 assessment is undoubtedly causing alarm, but we’ve got to remember that the University is on our side. If you’re an independent candidate (like me for German!) or dealing with any other exceptional circumstances this year, then definitely get in touch with your college to let people know. Remember, the tutors gave us these offers and want to see us in Oxford next autumn!


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