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10 Ways to Spend Your Vac

by Anabel Riley

1. Take a break! After a long term it’s important to chill out, take some time from yourself and rest and recuperate.

2. Work. Whether tutoring or making tea, the holidays can be a great time to save up some money.

3. Develop a new (or previous) hobby or skill. Spend time you wouldn’t have in term on something you enjoy, such as cooking or making music.

4. Read around your subject. There are often things which you have to skip over when term is busy so it can be really nice to research your favourite topics more.

5. Learn beyond your subject. The vac can be the perfect time to explore documentaries, books and articles which you might not otherwise come across. Public lectures can also be very entertaining and informative!

6. Challenge yourself physically. Focus on your physical health by setting yourself a new challenge, such as increasing your plank time by 30 seconds or starting running.

7. Volunteer. The break can be spent valuably by helping others, possibly at a charity shop or tutoring disadvantaged students.

8. Set yourself up for the new term. Make sure to find time to consolidate your work and prepare for the future.

9. Boost your career. You might want to research potential career paths, build your CV, sign up to events and apply for internships.

10. Spend quality time with your friends and family! Most importantly, enjoy your vacation and the company you keep, especially those you wouldn’t normally see in term time.


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