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Biology Interview

Today we have a special feature from Ellie on the Biology interview at Oxford.

Hi Ellie, how many interviews did you have?

I had two interviews. Biology applicants will always be interviewed at two colleges, sometimes three and some colleges hold two separate interviews.

What areas of biology were they on?

So, mine focused on the Cephalopod sensory system, bacterial population growth, Bayes' theorem and Avian navigation. Then we also talked about some books that I’d read outside of the curriculum.

Were you give unseen material?

Yes, I was given a range of graphs and figures to look at before the interview.

Did the tutors push you outside of your comfort zone?

100 % the aim of the interview is to challenge you!

What top tips would you give potential biology applicants?

It’s not about how much you know but more about how successfully you work through problems you’ve never come across before and show your potential to the interviewer.

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