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What to Wear - The Day Edition

Day to Day Life

  • The stereotype of Oxford students wandering around in top-hats and canes has long gone. For college life, trips to the library and city wanderings, there is no particular way that an 'Oxford Student' dresses.

  • When I first started at Oxford, I was surprised to see such an eclectic mix of styles; one girl wore Victorian style dresses everyday, one boy only dressed in a full suit and another constantly wore sports tracksuits. This is proof that you can be as smart or as casual as you like!

Sports Stash

  • Whilst walking around Oxford you will no doubt see 'OUCC', 'OURC','OUNC' on the back of students' hoodies. These sorts of initials refer to various different Oxford Uni sports clubs.

  • The stash includes items such as hoodies, jackets, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and leggings.

  • These items often becomes a staple part of team members' quickly becomes clear which students are the sporty members of your college!


  • Sub Fusc, students' academic dress, is about as 'Oxford' as it gets.

  • Students are required to wear sub fusc for matriculation, graduation and exams.

  • This means they're pretty easy to spot...if you see a group of people looking like a raft of marching penguins, you can be certain they're an Oxford student.

  • Sub fusc includes - a white shirt, black neck tie, gown, skirt/trousers, black shoes for girls and a white shirt, white bow-tie, black trousers, gown, black shoes for boys. Students are also required to carry their mortar board but they can't wear it until they graduate or its considered bad luck!

Top Tips

  • Everyone needs to own subfusc, as it's compulsory for many Oxford events.

  • Many colleges give grants for team kits.

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