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My First Day at Oxford

The Oxford term starts later than most unis, so by the time October came around I couldn't wait to get there.

When my first day finally came around, I was a bag of nerves and excitement. My parents drove me down, with a car full of all my belongings. Oxford was buzzing with freshers and their families unpacking. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I had to pinch myself when I realised that this stunning quad was going to be my new home!

We were invited to meet the Principal in the common room with our parents. He was an actual Lord...Oxford seemed more and more daunting by the minute. 

As I was unpacking my things, I saw a group of freshers chilling on the bench outside my room. The panic set in; they were all going to have made friends before I even got outside. This, along with the realisation that my parents were about to leave me, in this amazing but equally intimidating place, meant the tears started. My mind was flooded with the though that Oxford had made a mistake; I shouldn't be here.

My parents walked me outside college and hugged me goodbye, telling me to walk around the block, take some deep breaths and smile. That's exactly what I did and I felt better for a minute...until I had to head into the JCR and walk up to a group of people I'd never met and say 'Hi, I'm Tilly, nice to meet you...'

You know what though, they smiled and chatted to me and included me in their little group. The reality is everyone feels the same; everyone is nervous and everyone wants to make friends, so don't forget that!

Top Tips

* Your first day can feel overwhelming but you're not alone.

* Most college give freshers and their families parking permits to unpack their belongings on streets which are usually blocked to cars.

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