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Franco Manca Restaurant Review

On a sunny day in Oxford, I visited Franco Manca, which is has newly opened in Oxford. Immediately, I noticed the decor, which is really lovely. Lots of geometrically arranged mirrors make the whole place feel really spacious, but still enable it to retain a somewhat cosy feel. As you can hopefully see, the restaurant was really photogenic and it all felt very classy and modern.

The staff were really friendly and helpful, greeting me and showing me where to sit, and they explained everything on the menu and pointed out the specials board to me, making sure I hadn't missed anything. They also offered to change around the proportions of the toppings on their pizzas, explaining what the pizza would be like so I knew what to expect. Whilst I was eating they offered a selection of dips for the crusts – I had a really nice green pesto one. The pizza I ordered – I had no.4 off the menu, Gloucester Old Spot Ham (home cured), Mozzarella, Buffalo Ricotta, and Wild Mushrooms – arrived super, super fast! I was happily eating my pizza within ten minutes of entering the restaurant. It’s a testament to the staff and the organisation of the restaurant: they have an open kitchen with the (beautifully decorated) pizza oven on full display, so I could watch them preparing and cooking my pizza.

The pizza itself was really good. It had a thin base and a great crust, just like a real Italian pizza – it actually really reminded me of a trip I went on to Sorrento earlier this year (where about 75% of my diet was pizza!) The toppings were really generous, too.

Franco Manca do only sell pizza, but this does make them really good at making pizzas! They have no gluten free option, either, sadly, but you can understand why as you can see their whole kitchen: they have a huge pizza oven, but only have space for one. The drinks on their menu also weren’t so broad – although if you liked different sorts of wine, you were sorted! They also gave us coffee, once asked.

The dessert menu had four items: tiramisu (which is home-made!), lemon almond cake, chocolate hazelnut cake, and a variety of flavours of ice cream and sorbets, so, although there isn’t much choice on the dessert menu, there’s something to cater for everyone’s tastes! As soon as I sat down and saw the menu, I was already eyeing up the tiramisu (it’s a favourite of mine), but by the time I’d eaten my pizza I felt too full to manage it, so I had raspberry sorbet instead, which was absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely be coming back to try the tiramisu, though!

The price also wasn’t too bad either. It was similar to other places selling pizza, but with a much classier feel, thanks to the style of pizza and the decorations. It’s also nice to note, I feel, that I wasn’t the only person eating there alone! It seemed like the sort of place which could cater to brief lunches or much longer, social evening meals.

Overall, I really enjoyed lunch out to Franco Manca Oxford! It’s definitely worth a visit for a lunch date with friends or an evening meal, or perhaps you and your family could pop in when they come to see you or drop you off at university!

Every Monday & Tuesday receive a No Logo beer or Aperol Spritz on the house when you buy any pizza, use the buzz word ‘Brixton 2008’ & show your student card. Ts&Cs: Exchange for a glass of Tenute Normanno’s Organic Bianco or Rosso (175ml), any No Logo (300ml) or any soft drink. Valid at all restaurants from 18th September until 31st December 2017, limited to one free drink with every pizza purchased, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, dine in only, use buzz word ‘Brixton 2008’ & show student card to redeem. 

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