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The Buzz!

I remember getting offered a place at Oxford and feeling on top of the world. I just couldn't stop smiling. I had dreamed of this day since I was ten years old and, at last, it had happened...well it had nearly happened and this is the important part to remember.

When you get offered your place it feels like all life goals have been met but there is a little catch; unless you have an unconditional offer, you need to meet your grades!

So, now is definitely not the time, to sit back, relax and bask in the dreaminess of being offered a place. Now is the time to work, really, really hard, just like you've been doing all the way through the application process.

There was a girl at my school who had done so well in all of her modules that she only needed to get two Es and a D in her A Levels to meet her 3 A offer at Oxford. So she felt like she didn't need to revise but when results day arrived, she'd missed one of her grades. The devastation felt even worse, for she was so close. Don't let that be you!

Oxford know you are capable of meeting your offer!

Top Tips

* Stay on top of your school work.

* Make a revision plan.

* Keep pushing yourself to achieve the best grades you are capable of.

* Go the extra mile with your reading.

* Don't be so confident that you stop working.

* Take your mocks seriously.

* Think of summer - when you'll be free from exams and hopefully you'll have met your offer and be moving to the Dreaming Spires!

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