Trinity Term

Trinity Term is my favourite term in Oxford! Here's why:

1. Punting - Yes the first time I tried it I FELL IN but I kept going and now I'm quite the expert. Once you master the art of punting, it's the most idyllic way to spend a summer's afternoon.

2. Time to walk on the grass - many colleges open up certain quads which usually have a 'Do Not Walk on the Grass' sign and allow students to hang out on them in the summer months.

3. Croquet - about as Oxford as it gets but this truly civilised sport is a lovely activity for a sunny day.

4. Trashings - yes Trinity often involves exams but it also involves trashings - when students finish exams their friends throw a range of bizarre substances over them, so they greet the world in true Oxford style!

5. May Day - staying up all night and welcoming in the summer against the backdrop of Magdalen college choristers - what could be more fun?

6. Balls - the Trinity balls are usually the most extravagant and there are so many to choose from!

7. Pub gardens - Oxford has a fab selection of traditional English pubs with lovely beer gardens.

8. Port Meadow - with acres of land and jetties onto the river, Port Meadow is the place to go if things heat up!

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