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X90 Oxford Bus Company - between London & Oxford

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying out the X90 Oxford Bus Company service between London and Oxford.

I've always been a big fan of the Oxford Bus Company, who make travelling out of the Dreaming Spires super easy and this service met all of my expectations.

I headed to Gloucester Green and was invited to wait inside the warm, cosy and very festive waiting room. Then at 2pm it was time to board the bus to London, to head into the capital for a spot of Christmas shopping.

The staff were all really welcoming and friendly, greeting customers as they hopped on and

answering questions about the stops and route. 

The coach itself was spotlessly clean, with super comfortable seats and lots of leg room which made for a relaxing journey. Sadly, I still had work to the power sockets and free Wifi were a real perk and made for a productive journey. I got all of my tasks out of the way before arriving at Victoria for Christmas fun!

Price wise, adult tickets cost £8 for a single or £14 for a return, making it an affordable day out.

Rather than the convoluted routes I have sometimes taken in the past to reach London, being able to sit in one seat, in a comfortable environment made for a much easier and more chilled out form of travel.

So, whether you're heading to London for Christmas shopping, festivities, or the January sales, I highly recommend!

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