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Experience Oxfordshire Pub Tour

Last week my boyfriend and I went along to the Official Oxford Pub Tour, with Experience Oxfordshire, beginning at The Mitre on Oxford High street.

Along the way we visited several beautiful traditional pubs dating back to the 1500s including The Bear, The Wheatsheef, The Crown and The Eagle and Child.

We were taught all about their extensive histories and their

famous visitors, including some of the most iconic historic English writers: J R R R Tolkein, C S Lewis and William Shakespeare.

The ambient walk around the city lasted for around 90 minutes and was a wonderfully different and informative way to spend an otherwise cold and dark evening.

With 2 stops for mulled wine and cider along the way, the walk was also a perfect beginning to Oxmas. Thank you, Experience Oxfordshire, for such a special and enjoyable experience!

The footage I took is in this video:

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