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Sub Fusc

Have you ever visited Oxford and seen students parading through the streets resembling a raft of marching penguins? Well, they will no doubt have been wearing their ‘sub fusc’ (Oxford lingo for academic dress).

Before you panic…this isn’t a uniform Oxford students are expected to wear all the time; sub fusc is purely reserved for exams and formal ceremonies.

So, what exactly is sub fusc?

· Academic Gown (very Hogwarts!)

· Mortar Board (don’t put this on your head until you graduate or its deemed bad luck!)

· Black ribbon/white bow tie

· White shirt/blouse

· Dark suit/skirt

· Black tights/socks

· Black shoes

Do I have to wear sub fusc?

Yes you do! It’s compulsory for certain occasions and exams and being Oxford, there are of course quite a few of these throughout the year. I, for one, loved getting dressed up in an outfit that exuded history and tradition.

Fun fact: The academic gowns date back to the clerical robes worn by medieval students!

Where can I buy my sub fusc?

I would definitely recommend checking out the official University of Oxford Shop. Their sub fusc is ethically made and the recycled gowns are made from 18 plastic bottles, making them really environmentally friendly! They have a bundle offer including: gown, mortar board and bow tie/ribbon for £30. Oh and all of their profits are returned to the University – the very place you are going to be studying!

Get yours here: or in store at 106 High Street, OX1 4BW

The first time you wear your sub fusc will be on your matriculation day, where you’ll parade from your college, towards the Sheldonian Theatre for a ceremony in which you will officially be welcomed into the University. At the end of it you will be a fully-fledged member of Oxford Uni!

Make sure you get yours in time!

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