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Fitting in at Oxford

You may have heard about college stereotypes at Oxford and the ‘typical’ Oxford student. I'm here to bust that myth! There is no ‘typical’ Oxford student. I also hope this post will get rid of any worries you have about making friends and fitting in.

I had many worries about making friends and trying to be as social as possible. My advice is that you cannot know who your good friends will be until at least halfway through the first term. So don't panic if after Freshers week you feel like you haven't socialised enough or made as many friends as you would have liked. I made other friends around college by going to events with them like the Freshers' Fair and then society events after that. You will make friends so don't worry about trying too hard to socialise. I'm a person who needs their sleep, so I only went out alternate days during Freshers' and even went sober on a couple of days - and some people only go out once or don't go out at all! You don't have to feel like you need to attend every single social event to make friends. This sounds very cheesy but just be yourself and you will find like-minded people with similar interests and make friends this way. You will also probably be close with the people you live near; they could end up being your best friends or they may be people you say hello to every now and then. But, I find that the people I live next to are people I can rely on to go to dinner with or hang out with if I need a friend, even though they may not be my closest friends in college.

So, in summary, don't fret! There will loads of friendly people around college and at society events that are really keen to try and talk to you. Remember that everyone is in the same boat and so they will be wanting to make friends too. Don't worry about fitting into a certain category or type - there is no such thing. You don’t have to be super bookish or super into clubbing and drinking to fit in. There will be something for everyone so don’t be afraid to be yourself and explore things you may be interested in. Never feel the need to do anything because you feel you ‘should’ to get the quintessential Oxford experience. Your time here is completely shaped by you and I guarantee you will fit in somewhere.

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