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Committee Life: Part II - How Can You Get Onto the JCR Committee?

How do you get onto the JCR Committee?

There are two ways to get onto committee: by being interviewed, or by husting - which one you do depends on which role you are applying for.


The role I have, as one of the JCR Access Officers, is interviewed. The interview process is really, really simple. When the time comes to elect the role, the Vice-President emails everyone saying they can apply, then all you do is email back to say you're interested, and then you're automatically invited to an interview! The interviews are only five minutes long, and each candidate is asked about three questions - every candidate is asked the same questions. The first couple of questions are usually from one person, normally the President, but then after that members of the JCR can ask questions (they just have to make sure they ask everyone the same question). Then, you wait for a week or so while the Committee vote on who to elect, and then the results get sent out to the whole college and you find out whether you were successful!


The other way to get onto the JCR Committee is by husting. Husting just means that loads of members of the college gather in the JCR and ask you questions about why you'd be suited to the role - before this, you will have sent in a manifesto which everyone has seen, so they could ask you questions about that. Then the person who currently has the role you're applying for sets you a challenge, which is usually quite jokey. The whole thing tends to be quite funny, with lots of joke questions asked as well as some serious questions!

In my college (Christ Church), husted roles include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Sports Rep, and many more!

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