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A Chronic Conference

By Millie

'This was written by one of our student ambassadors after a bad day. Millie thought about how everyone puts on such a brave front in Oxford, and no one really lets on about the hard days. In reality, everyone is probably going through a difficult time, so she thought she would share this poem to reflect that.'

I’m the first presenter.

Usually, I love to present. Usually, I can deal with being in pain.

Together, its crippling.

Everyone says it was an excellent talk--

Loud and clear voice, loud and clear narrative.

Maybe it was,

I wouldn’t know,

I was too busy not doubling over in pain.

I sit, shuffle, squirm through the next few talks

With my hot water bottle on display.

Hot flush, cold sweats, cramping, aching, downing bottles of water.

We all clap, I leave, and cry a little in the toilets.

The bare minimum of making it through is my proudest achievement.


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