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A note from Tilly amidst COVID-19

Tilly Rose

Hello to all my lovely followers,

Thinking of you all, with this terrible news in the world right now. What a sad end to term!

You may well have seen that all Bodleian libraries closed today and Oxford Uni have just announced that all Trinity exams will be taken online, as well as all teaching and learning.

Unis, schools etc., are all being affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 and I know loads of you are going to be self-isolating/social distancing for the next few months.

Here at TOG we know with GCSEs, A Levels, uni exams on the horizon, not to mention course work, theses, dissertations, it's already a super stressful time.

So, we want to help in any way we can. Earlier today I messaged my amazing TOG student ambassador team with suggestions of what we could do to help out the study community at this challenging time and I was so touched by their responses, wanting to do all they could to support you guys.

We plan to produce loads of content for the blog, Insta and YouTube to provide you with practical tips, inspo and motivation for 'studying & social distancing'.

As always, this will be totally free and available to all of you at all times online.

If you have any specific requests for posts or videos, please do get in touch to tell me!

Sending you loads of positive vibes,

Tilly x


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